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Required Taste Podcast - 1 Year Anniversary Episode

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Required Taste Podcast is a local NWI podcast founded by Aaron Phillips and Dj Azcona covering a variety of topics from fun and interesting history facts and stories to music and strange pop culture. I've known Aaron and Dj since back in the days of Twincade in Griffith where I used to film promos and a reality show before Twincade sadly closed down. When I saw the Required Taste Podcast was about to do a one year anniversary show I knew I had to reach out to see if they had any interest in filming a video version of the podcast at Foreign Local Brewery & Taproom in Hammond, IN. The event had a great turnout and the show was a lot of fun.

"This week we talk about the beer we released in collaboration with Foreign Local, Two Blind Mice. It’s an unfiltered oat Kolsch and tastes pretty damn good if you ask us! But what does it taste like? And what even is a Kolsch??? We’ll tell you, along with the history of beer and how it’s definitely part of our human identity.

The best part is, you can try Two Blind Mice for yourself! Find some at:

Foreign Local Brewery & Taproom (right now!) Charcuterie (coming soon) Eatery 41 - Local Food and Drink (coming soon) " - Required Taste Podcast Facebook Post

Check out the podcast here: Link Tree The video version is below.

I used two Neewer CB60 lights with Globe Lantern Softboxes to light everyone's faces. The main cameras on the three hosts were Lumix S5's with 85mm Panasonic lenses for two of them and a 50mm Panasonic lens for the third. I had to use a 50mm because the podcast was filmed at Foreign Local Brewery & Taproom in Hammond, IN and we had limited space on the side with the 50mm. I used a Panasonic 7-14mm lens on the GH5s to get a room shot and a Panasonic 24-105mm on the Lumix S1 to include a shot of myself working. I edited the podcast live just as I would for a live-stream even though we didn't actually live-stream the show because it cuts down on edit time in post production. To achieve this I used the Blackmagic Atem Mini Extreme ISO to record everything on a Samsung T7 drive. It records the live show as I'm switching cameras as well as each individual camera separately and also provides a Davinci Resolve file to re-edit as needed. Luckily Aaron (aka Tech Daddy) already records the audio for the podcast himself so I just pulled a feed from their board with a Rode Wireless Go 2 in order to hear and record the audio as I live switched the video. All of the cameras were fed into the Atem Mini Extreme ISO using Cineview HE wireless HDMI transmitters. I love these wireless HDMI transmitters because they eliminate the mess of wires that I used to have to deal with when using the Atem Mini products. They use a dual band 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi signal to create a rock solid connection that doesn't drop any frames and looks phenomenal. I recorded in 1080p 60fps. I set all of the cameras to record in 10bit V-log as a backup file and then put the Rec709 LUT on the HDMI output to record in a standard 8bit Rec709 color space on the Atem Mini. The taproom was a bit noisy during the podcast so I actually did use Adobe Podcast Ai to clean up the audio in post to eliminate some of the background noise. The audio and video turned out looking great and the client was very pleased with the results. This was a super fun gig and I can't wait to do more podcasts in the future.

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