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Marketing Services

🌐 *Explore Infinite Possibilities with Lakeshore Video's Marketing Expertise!* 🚀 *Websites*

We offer website building, hosting, SEO maximization, and targeted photo/video content to funnel your target audience to your business and convert them to paying customers. See below for the different types of media required to create a compelling marketing campaign and website.

Lakeshore Video's Marketing Services
Lakeshore Video

Lakeshore Video's Marketing Services


*Teaser (15-30 sec):* The teaser is the ad you run to get people excited about your product and have them click over to your website. This is usually 15 to 30 seconds long and will include stunning visuals as well as a strong message that resonates with the target audience.

*Promo (60 sec):* The 60 second promo is a way of keeping up the hype while giving your viewers a little more information about your products or services. We recommend this being at the head of your website.

See examples below.