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Live Events

A great way to draw attention and establish yourself in the community is to hold events. These events need proper coverage to grow and be effective in marketing your brand. Lakeshore Video can cover these events with long form video including live-streaming and then create a short highlight edit to generate excitement for future events and for your brand. We cover everything from Educational Speakers (TEDx), Band Performances, Graduations, Grand Openings, Company Parties, and even Non-Profits and Fundraising events. We can live-stream with 6 wireless cameras and wireless microphones and even bring in pre-canned assets and virtual guests. This gives us the ability to cover just about any type of event big or small in high quality that will leave your viewers impressed and wanting more.
Event Videos
Lakeshore Video

Event Videos

We know that not every event needs to be live-streamed.  Sometimes you just need the event captured for marketing or historical purposes to be viewed later.  We take the same approach to these types of events as we do when we are live-streaming events.  We ensure to capture every angle with multiple cameras and we work with the live sound team to make sure we capture all audio as crystal clear as it was at the event.  We can also include interviews and b-roll of the event to create compelling advertisements and highlight edits for today's face-paced consumption of media.  Let us know how we can help you capture your next event!