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Image by Ross Sneddon

Event Videography

We offer photo, video, and live streaming of corporate events and music.  We have been capturing live events for more than a decade.  We know you want your brand to look and sound good, which is why we are perfectionists when it comes to capturing corporate events.  We use multi-camera processing to capture wide, medium, and tight shots of every angle, even while live-streaming, to ensure proper coverage and allow viewers at home to feel as though they are really there.

We know that not every event needs to be live-streamed.  Sometimes you just need the event captured for marketing or historical purposes to be viewed later.  We take the same approach to these types of events as we do when we are live-streaming events.  We ensure to capture every angle with multiple cameras and we work with the live sound team to make sure we capture all audio as crystal clear as it was at the event.  We can also include interviews and b-roll of the event to create compelling advertisements and highlight edits for today's face-paced consumption of media.  Let us know how we can help you capture your next event!

Corporate Events

Corporate Events

We know how important it is to make a great first impression. We specialize in capturing corporate events in professional quality to impress clients.  Every event is different, so we take a very hands-on approach to making sure your corporate event runs smoothly and efficiently.  We can help with planning every aspect of the live event including hosting, lighting, audio, camera angles, pre-canned assets, and everything in between.

Contact us for more information about your next live stream!