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Political Campaigns

We've been filming political videos for alderman and judges in the Chicago area for almost 5 years and we've gotten the hang of how to get the voters to come out in droves. We do two different types of videos depending on how you want to deliver your message. We can have you speaking to someone off camera to keep it conversational style and cut that up into multiple videos on multiple topics to make you seem more approachable and more human. We can also have you deliver your message direct to camera to establish dominance and deliver your message directly to voters. We use a teleprompter for direct to camera and Exclusive PR can provide media training to ease your nerves and allow you to know exactly how to act in front of cameras.
Political Videos
Lakeshore Video

Political Videos

We know that you want to look your best and you want your message to the voters to be clear and concise. That's why we make sure to take our time with political campaign videos to ensure every detail is perfect so you can win your next election. We stay very confidential and work closely with you to be sure that we understand your message and your political stance before we get to the shoot day. Additional media training can also be provided by Exclusive PR so you can feel confident in delivering your message to the masses. Check out some examples below and reach out today to see how we can help you win your next election!