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LP Holiday Party Live-Stream

#bts of yesterday’s #livestream in Chicago for LP’s annual holiday party. We were able to use the Cineview wireless hdmi transmitter to put a camera on the other side of the room from the Atem Mini Extreme ISO. Then we connected the iPhone to the MacBook via WiFi to control the camera switching in OBS wirelessly. This is how I (George Niksch) can run wireless multicam live-streams by myself. It's a very complex setup, but it makes for beautiful coverage of any event. I use this same setup for filming band performances, plays, or any kind of live show that needs to be captured on video. I also have two electronic sliders that I sometimes use to keep two wireless cameras moving without having to hire extra videographers to run the cameras. I use this setup regardless of if we are live-streaming or not because I am live editing as well so the full show is already edited by the time we get done filming. It's a game changer and it saves a ton of time in post. #chicagovideographer #chicagolivestreaming

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