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Gladish Law Group Headshots

Check out the #bts of shooting headshots for Gladish Law Group. David Gladish is one of my favorite clients because of his attention to detail. He wants all photos and videos to have a very polished look so I knew I would need to bring the MacBook to ensure we were able to review photos on a large screen before choosing our favorites. I used a Flashpoint AD600 Pro for my key light, two Godox TT685 speedlights for my back and fill lights, and a Yongnuo YN685 speedlight to light up the backdrop. I used a Phottix Raja 105 for my key softbox and two Neewer globe style softboxes for my fill and backlight. This is a great combo that renders beautiful light for my images. I was shooting on a Lumix S5 with a Panasonic 85mm lens. We tethered into the MacBook pro to automatically bring the photos directly into Lightroom as I shot them so we could review and pick our favorites. It's so nice to be able to see the photos on a large screen and actively edit them to be sure we will get the results we are looking for before leaving the shoot. I always ensure my clients are happy with my work before moving on to the next project, so this setup makes that mission a breeze. These photos will be used not only for David's business website, but also on billboards across Northwest Indiana.

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