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Danny Cronson Music Video Shoot

Check out the #bts from this music video shoot I got to be a part of a few months back. My buddy Max Williams hired me to help film 4 songs by Danny Cronson at Fort Knox Studios in Chicago. We ended up having 10 different cameras on this shoot with 5 different videographers including Max Williams, Grace Pisula, Matt Tyrpin, Ed Dignan, and myself. I brought my Lumix cameras and everyone else brought their Sony cameras. I was running two Lumix S5's with 85mm lenses on electronic sliders to add some movement for the backup singers and for Danny's side shots. I used a Lumix S5 with a 35mm lens on a tripod for the drums. And then I was handheld on the Lumix S1 with the 24-105 lens on the keys. Matt and Ed each grabbed a closeup of someone using the Sony FX3's and Max was on his FX6 with the main close up of Danny. Grace went on the gimbal for some extra movement using a Sony A7r3. I believe we also have a wide shot on an FX3 or an A7s3. There were so many cameras that it's actually kind of hard to remember which cameras were on who now. Everyone shot in a log profile so the colors can be matched in post. We also used a color checker on every camera to help match colors. Ed ran lighting and I have to say it was one of the coolest lighting setups I've ever seen. I know there was an Aputure Nova or two in there, but I really didn't have time to dive deep into his setup. I just know it looked super cool and we were able to change the colors between songs to mix things up. Max brought out the fog machine for the last song and it looked super cool with the lights beaming through the fog. I don't really have much information about who the other musicians were or who is doing the mixing and mastering, so you will just need to tune in to @dannycronson and @maxwilliamsvideo on Instagram to see all of the details once the full videos are released. All in all it was one of the biggest crews I've worked with and it was a ton of fun to put our heads together to see what kind of cool shots we could come up with. There was so much talent packed into a relatively tiny room. It was magical.

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