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BTS - Alderman Political Campaign - Chicago Video Production

This is the behind the scenes of filming the political campaign videos for Alderman Joe Moreno with Exclusive PR. I love working with Exclusive PR because the owner, Sam, is an amazing producer and our shoots always run smoothly and efficiently. I used the Lumix S1 and Lumix S5 to film the video with a 50mm for my medium shot and an 85mm for my close up. I used two Godox VL 300 lights with Phottix Raja 105 soft boxes for my key and back lights and a bounce board and Yongnuo light wand for my fill. The close up was on a Neewer slider. The audio was captured with a Sennheiser 416 wirelessly transmitting to the Lumix S1 using a Rode Newsshooter wireless system. We used an iPad as our monitor by wirelessly transmitting the video signal with a Hollyland Mars X HDMI transmitter. I used Neewer C-stands for the lights and some cheap light stands for the microphone and fill light/bounce board. The final videos were distributed and run as ads on social media as well as broadcast on television. We do a ton of political ads with Exclusive PR so let us know how we can help out on your next campaign! Visit to learn more. #chicagovideoproduction#corporatevideo #politicalcampaign #campaignvideo

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