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Behind the Scenes - TEDx Valparaiso University - Wireless Multi-cam Live-streaming

This is the behind the scenes from the TEDx event we live-streamed at Valparaiso University. My setup includes 6 wireless cameras running through the ATEM Mini Extreme ISO. I used 6 Accsoon Cineview HE wireless HDMI transmitters to transmit each of the 6 cameras to the ATEM Mini. By using wireless transmitters for all 6 cameras the delay is the same on all 6 cameras. This results in 6 frames of delay compared to the audio signal, so I just delay the audio by 6 frames in the ATEM app on the MacBook Pro. I used 3 Lumix S5's, a Lumix S1, a GH5s, and a G9 all broadcasting in 1080p 60fps in the natural profile. The camera angles were provided in a diagram by TEDx so we just stuck to those with a wide and tight in the center in the back, a medium on either side of the room, and a wide and tight audience shot. I love the way it turned out and I had a blast as always. By putting the Atem Mini, wireless transmitters, and monitor all in one case with one power cable I was able to cut my setup time in half. I can be up and running in about an hour. Let me know if you have an event that needs to be live-streamed or just captured really well and check out! #chicagovideoproduction #corporateevents #livestreaming #eventvideographer

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