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Last Shoot of 2022! | David Gladish Law Group Promo

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

We shot a promo video for David Gladish Law Group last Thursday just before the big snow storm as our final video shoot of 2022. We filmed at David's office in Highland, IN. In order to ensure everyone was looking their best we brought in an amazing makeup artist from Chicago who asked not to be named. I was worried about the snow storm coming in so I got everyone started nice and early and scheduled the shots with the most people first so we can get as many people home before the snow started. We really only had 3 scenes because the rest of the video is old family pictures and stock footage. We did the board room scene first because that one had the most actors(5). We had all of the actors get their makeup done while we setup lighting, cameras, and props to maximize efficiency of timing. Once setup the board room scene went pretty quick. We just did wide, medium, and tight shots of David going over a case with his colleagues. I shoot on Lumix cameras exclusively so we used the Lumix S5 with the 35mm, 50mm, and 85mm f1.8 Panasonic lenses for our wide, medium, and tight shots. We we able to run the takes back to back very quickly with consistent smooth movements by using the Kessler Crane Second Shooter electronic camera slider. The next scene was in the mock court room upstairs and it had only 3 people. We knocked that out in the same way with wide, medium, and tight shots on the Kessler slider and that was a wrap for all of the actors except for David. Then we moved onto the easiest scene in terms of setup with David working late at his desk. In order to make it look like night time we just closed the blinds and used a tungsten LED motivated by a desk lamp on screen as our key light and an LED light wand set to 5600k as our back light motivated by the computer screen behind David. That was a wrap for everyone except David and I got my makeup artist out of there and heading back to Chicago before the snow really started to pick up. I grabbed a few quick b-roll shots of some awards the David Gladish Law Group had received over the years and then it was time to record the voiceover with David. I used a Sennheiser 416 going into a Zoom F3 to get a clean 32 bit float audio recording. We did several takes to ensure I had plenty to work with in post. Once I was happy with the takes I packed up my equipment and that was a wrap. The snow had picked up pretty heavy by this time and the roads were getting pretty bad, but luckily I have a 4 wheel drive truck with snow tires for just this sort of situation. I bring a ton of equipment to every shoot so a truck is essential for being able to haul it all in any condition. It took a bit longer to get home, but the truck handled the icy snowy roads just fine. It was a great shoot and I can't wait to get this video edited to promote David's business in 2023!

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