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Exclusive PR & Lakeshore Video Partnership

We are announcing our partnership between Lakeshore Video and Exclusive PR to bring you full service marketing for businesses across Chicagoland! Exclusive+PR is a public relations, media & communications agency that partners with businesses to build, grow, and promote their brands. They are a specialized boutique PR and communications agency that specializes in healthcare, technology, lifestyle brands, and more. Lakeshore Video is proud to partner with Exclusive PR to bring you best in class video services that target your audience and skyrocket your brand to the forefront of your industry!

When it comes to your business, you want to be taken seriously. There's no better way to be taken seriously online than by creating professional high quality videos and photos for your website and social media. Don't short sell your business by appearing lazy and unprofessional online. Let us make you look and sound your best so you are taken seriously among the competition!

Samantha Frontera of Exclusive PR comes from a news background writing, shooting, editing, and delivering content all by herself on extremely tight deadlines. George Niksch comes from a background of going to Ball State University and working for PBS in Indianapolis. George has been shooting videos professionally for over 10 years and brings all of that experience to your business for all of your video needs!

We provide four main types of content including Branding Videos, Training Videos, Event Videos, and Political Videos. As part of the full branding experience we provide photography services in all of these categories as well. Exclusive PR can build your website, logo, and brand from the ground up while Lakeshore Video fills in the details of who you are, where you come from, and why your business is the best in the industry.

When it comes to Branding you need to present your business professionally to the world. Teaser ads will get consumers to your website, and a professional website will convert consumers into lifelong customers. Your website needs four main types of videos including a Promo to peak interest, an Explainer to explain what you do, an About Us to give a face to the business and connect on an emotional level, and Testimonials to give legitimacy to your business. This tried and true funneling strategy will grow your business quickly and efficiently. In Social Media you need to have constant content that keeps you in the forefront of consumers' minds while continuing to hold those high standards of quality that your customers have come to expect.

A great way to draw attention and establish yourself in the community is to hold events. These events need proper coverage to grow and be effective in marketing your brand. Lakeshore Video can cover these events with long form video including live-streaming and then create a short highlight edit to generate excitement for future events and for your brand. We cover everything from Educational Speakers (TEDx), Band Performances, Graduations, Grand Openings, Company Parties, and even Non-Profits and Fundraising events. We can live-stream with 6 wireless cameras and wireless microphones and even bring in pre-canned assets and virtual guests. This gives us the ability to cover just about any type of event big or small in high quality that will leave your viewers impressed and wanting more.

Your business will be growing so fast that you will need to come up with new ways of improving efficiency to keep up with all of the traffic. A great way to improve efficiency in your business is by creating training videos. We know that staff turnover rate is very high these days, so efficiency in training is key. Training videos allow you to bring on new staff quickly without wasting a ton of time explaining the same things over and over. This principle also applies to training your customers or potential customers. If you have a product or service that is confusing to use we can create a video that simplifies the process so anyone can figure it out without sitting on the phone with customer service for hours or even worse, breaking the product or being dissatisfied with the service due to improper expectations. We can also create videos that answer common questions in the Q&A section of your website to keep you from explaining the same things over and over to potential customers and ease their mind prior to purchase. This will improve your efficiency and save you money.

We also want to mention that we do political campaigns. We've been filming political videos for alderman and judges in the Chicago area for almost 5 years and we've gotten the hang of how to get the voters to come out in droves. We do two different types of videos depending on how you want to deliver your message. We can have you speaking to someone off camera to keep it conversational style and cut that up into multiple videos on multiple topics to make you seem more approachable and more human. We can also have you deliver your message direct to camera to establish dominance and deliver your message directly to voters. We use a teleprompter for direct to camera and Exclusive PR can provide media training to ease your nerves and allow you to know exactly how to act in front of cameras.

All of our photo and video services can be done at the Exclusive PR office, but we want to work on your schedule to save you time. That is why we are introducing the Mobile Production Studio. We bring the studio to you wherever you are and work on your time. We take photos and video of your business and your staff interacting with customers to show the legitimacy of your business. You will save time and your business will look better than ever! Visit or to learn more! #chicagovideoproduction

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