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Coaches Conference BTS

This was a fun 8 hour livestream we did at the Dean and Barbara White Community Center in Merrillville, IN for Coach Lewis Shine. It was a great event that brought in basketball coaches from around the country to give presentations to other basketball coaches so they could learn from each other both in person and virtually. Coach Lewis Shine has an extensive history in the basketball industry and his passion for the game remains as strong as ever. It was a pleasure watching him learn and teach with other prominent coaches from around the country including James Wade who coaches the Chicago Sky women's professional basketball team. Coach James Wade even brought out girls from Merrillville High School to run drills that he uses in practice with the Chicago Sky. It was pretty cool to see how these kids got to meet and train with a coach who is at the top level of their sport. I went to Merrillville High School myself, so it was fun to see that these kinds of opportunities are happening at my old school.

For the livestream I used two Lumix S5's with 70-200mm lenses, a Lumix S1 with a 14-24mm lens, and a Panasonic X2 all streaming wirelessly to the Atem Mini Extreme ISO using Cineview HE wireless transmitters. I was able to pull an audio feed from the sound boards into my Zoom F3 and then wirelessly transmit that signal over to the Atem Mini for the livestream. I streamed the entire 8 hour conference on YouTube and the private link was shared with coaches and individuals across the country who were unable to attend in person.

It was all around a fun event and I had a blast working with Lewis and the other coaches. Reach out to Lakeshore Video today to see how we can take your livestream to the next level!

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