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Beehive Picture Hangers Branding Videos

We did a series of videos for Beehive Picture Hangers to both promote their brand and to educate their customers on how to use their product. We did 3 teasers, an explainer, and two customer training videos. These are just part of the complete package that every business needs to build their brand and increase sales. Look around our website to gain a better understanding of how we build your brand from the ground up to funnel in new leads and convert them to lifelong customers.

We shot at the Beehive Picture Hangers warehouse and were able to create 6 videos in one day. We always use an iPad as a wireless monitor so the client and DP can see the shot on a large screen from anywhere and ensure that every shot is perfect. We used Godox VL300 and SL60 lights with Phottix Raja 105 softboxes as well as a Neewer globe lantern softbox. We also added unbleached muslin in front of the 105 softboxes to add a warmth to the light and make it appear almost like a square window. For audio we used a Sennheiser 416 going into a Zoom F3 recorder to get 32 bit float audio. We shot on two Lumix S5 cameras with 35mm and 85mm Panasonic lenses for most shots. For a few of the shots we used a Laowa 24mm probe lens to get close ups of the hardware. We also used a Kessler Second Shooter Pro slider to add some movement to a few shots. The shoot took about 11 hours total. It was a long grueling day, but the videos turned out great and the client was pleased.

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