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When it comes to Branding you need to present your business professionally to the world. Teaser ads will get consumers to your website, and a professional website will convert consumers into lifelong customers. Your website needs four main types of videos including a Teaser to peak interest, an Explainer to explain what you do, an About Us to give a face to the business and connect on an emotional level, and Testimonials to give legitimacy to your business. This tried and true funneling strategy will grow your business quickly and efficiently. In Social Media you need to have constant content that keeps you in the forefront of consumers' minds while continuing to hold those high standards of quality that your customers have come to expect.
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All Videos


You need a teaser video to get potential clients to your website.  Once there, you want to wet their appetite a little more with a promo video that is just a little longer teaser.  This will keep their attention have have them excited to learn more about your brand and business.